Dear ECE Provider,

Thank you for completing this 5-10 minute survey to help us understand the adoption of farm to early care and education (ECE) across Louisiana. With your input, we can identify how to make farm to ECE accessible to all children in the state.  Please complete the survey by June 1st.

What is Farm to Early Care and Education? Farm to ECE includes any activities implemented in early childhood programs serving young children ages 0-5 that increase access to local foods (foods grown within 200 miles), gardening, experiential education, and family engagement opportunities around local foods and agriculture. The goals of farm to ECE are to support the health and educational experiences of children served in all types of early care settings and to ensure that Louisiana's farmers have a viable market for their agricultural products. Farm to ECE works to provide all ECE educators with access to local foods and resources to help children develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

We encourage ALL early care providers to complete this survey, whether you are already familiar with farm to ECE activities or not. We seek responses from owners, administrators, and staff at ECE programs of all types across the state. Please forward this survey to your colleagues at other ECE programs. If you are a staff member of a larger organization serving several locations, please consider forwarding this survey to program staff at individual sites. We request one staff member per location submit responses if there are multiple locations.

If you complete the survey, we will mail you a children's book for your center and a link to download a farm to ECE toolkit.

This survey is sponsored by the Louisiana Farm to ECE Work Group, a collaboration of state agencies, non-profits, local health departments, providers, and other experts in early childhood education, gardening and agriculture. Your involvement in this Farm to ECE survey is voluntary, and you may choose not to participate or to stop at any time. All survey results will be shared anonymously and/or in the aggregate. Any identifying information will not be used in any publications or reports. Please contact Megan Knapp with any questions or concerns about the survey.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Louisiana Farm to ECE Work Group

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